March Madnesssss!! This month has been full of little adventures. I did not take any big trips, I have not done anything too crazy, but I have had a lot of fun. I started the month off with my first day back at school. It was great to see the people that I didnt get to see during the summer break. Everybody in the school wanted to know what I had done and where I had gone. I spent the rest of the month taking about all of my summer fun. I came to realize that I have very limited time left here in my new home so a lot of the month I have been learning things and doing things that I have not yet had time to do. My host mom and I have bonded a lot during the month over little activities. We go to the gym and do dance classes together. I absolutely love spending time with her. My host dad and I had a father and daughter day where we went out to lunch and he took me to a few places in Santiago (the capital of Chile) where I had never been before. I also spent a lot of time with my councilor doing Rotary activities. I have learned to cook a few more of the typical Chilean foods so that when I get back I will be able to share a major part of the culture. Also, I learned how to sew! I have made a few things that I am excited to bring back as gifts for my family. I am not ready to leave here because I love it so much, but I am starting to feel ready to be home. However it is not possible to accomplish both so I am stuck somewhere in the atmosphere... But I decided that I have to make the bast and use my time wisely with what I have now. So I am doing just that. My life here in Chile is a huge part of me and am so very thankful that I am able to have it. Next month I am going on my last Rotary trip of the year! Stay tuned!